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Have you ever run out of ideas on what to do with your stored digital photographs? I do, all the time. The last time I went through this, I literally saw it all: from making mugs to posters, to holiday cards and a bunch more. All I needed, however, was a simple way to share pictures without having to send them via email or having to ask people to download files. I found my solution at Yumpu Publishing. This site is basically a road to your PDF-saved picture folders, and it automatically transforms the pictures into an interactive, magazine-style book. All you do is share the link, and access the books online anytime you want. The best part was that the version that I used was completely free!

What is a flip book?

A flip book is an electronic document that contains the technology to have its pages turned interactively by the user. This is the technology available on the site with its flip book pdf publisher online platform. When you visit the site, make sure that your pictures are already saved into PDF files on your computer. Also, make sure that you title each saved PDF album in a way that you can recall what pictures are saved there. You can go straight to uploading or dragging your pictures into the converter. After that, it will ask you to register to the site, with a username, password, and contact information.

You are not going to be charged any money, since you are using the free version. However, you will be asked to enter payment information, and a payment method, just in case you do end up upgrading to one of the paid subscriptions. These paid subscriptions also offer the flip book pdf publisher software just like the free version, except that it offers added extras in case you need more features.

Once your flip book is ready, you can personalize it by using themes, colors, and other preferences. If you have a business, your company logo and brand can be included in the flip books for marketing purposes. For example, if you sell a makeup brand, you can use the logo of the company as the background of your flip book, in order to show the pictures of the products that you are selling and showing in the flip book. Flip books are great marketing tools.

When the flip book is ready for sharing, you will also get a variety of ways to do it. Rest assured that everyone with whom you share it will be able to access it. This technology is universally accessible because the flip book pdf publisher online platform is published in HTML5 format. This is a super technology that allows for the flip book to “go live” without having to add plugins. Users will not have to download or wait for anything to load in order for the flip book it to start working. This technology also means that the flip book can be viewed from any device, from smartboards to laptops, to desktops, to tablets. Anyone will be able to access your flip book.

The flip book pdf publisher online tool is optimized for search engines like Google. To see what a “plus” this is, just take a look at the original website. Check out the graphics and ease of use of the publications that are already posted on the site. There are brochures, cookbooks, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, journals, and photo albums. This is what your book will look like: fluid, crisp, bright, and displaying clear graphics with excellent technology that is already backed by Google!

What else can you do with your flip book?

Once you finish working with your flip book pdf publisher online tools, you will get a chance to embed the flip book on whichever platform you wish to use, including personal websites, online stores, and
social media. The “Embed Wizard” does that automatically if that is what you wish to do. The “Embed Wizard” is a technology unique to Yumpu Publishing.

Scared of using the wizard? Relax! The flip book platform already comes pre-integrated to work in all social media. You can share the book on whatever website you are subscribed to. Either way, you can get help 24/7 right there on the site.

Use flip books for more than just photo albums! You can make great use of them for:

Work Portfolios
Lesson plans
Saving samples of student work
Showing off your collections
Keeping track of cards or other collectibles
Wish lists
Christmas albums
End of the year albums
Weight loss progress
Lists of favorites
Top 10s, Top 20s, Top lists

There are more than enough reasons to suggest a flip book PDF publisher online program as the best solution to save and preserve your pictures. These kinds of programs help to produce an interactive publication that engages your audiences, family members, or potential customers.

If you are using the flip book for business purposes, the technology helps you add your products in the interactive photo album, which can be sent to as many people as you have in your e-mail distribution list.

The flip books are accessible from all kinds of devices and do not need to be downloaded. They can also be saved onto the website’s cloud server so that it does not take up space in your computer’s hard drive. Moreover, the flip book pdf publisher online is easy to use. Even small children who have a good sense of how to upload PDF-saved documents can do it. Imagine sending grandparents projects created on the flip book pdf publisher online program. Certainly makes you want to try it at least.

In all, the flip book tools by Yumpu Publishing will allow you to produce top-quality interactive ePublications that will engage and entertain your friends, family, followers, co-workers, and potential customers. Give it try and see what great creations you can make happen. Put your picture to good use today!

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