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Create a Flip PDF Free Online Using PDF Files

A flip book that you can read on your computer, tablet, or smartphone is a magazine, brochure, or even a novel that behaves like a real magazine or book in that the pages turn and make sounds. A flip PDF is a flip book that has been created by converting a traditional PDF document. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could create these flip PDFs free and online? Well, you can with Yumpu Publishing. More on that in a moment. Perhaps you’re wondering why you need flip PDFs in the first place. Let me explain based on my personal experiences. I write pre-season guides for people who play fantasy football, baseball, and so forth. For years, I’d create a PDF that I’d send to a publishing house that would print the magazines and ship them to my subscribers. My audience was getting younger, however, and was preferring a digital format more and more. At first, I simply sent copies of the PDF, but there were issues with that. These guides contain many tables and charts that a reader will often cross-reference back and forth, and a digital flip book recreates the experience that one gets with a traditional paper magazine.

How a Free Service Solved My Problems and More

Customers were requesting my print magazine less and less, which was a good thing. As I removed the middleman, my profits went up. I was willing to pay but not a lot as I had with the regular magazines. So I tried about four different paid services, but those all came up short. Then, I switched gears and tried free services but wasn’t having much luck there either until I came across Yumpu Publishing. Here was a site that promised flip PDFs for free online along with advanced features and immediate access to the converted publications at no charge. Too good to be true, I thought. But it wasn’t. It converted my then-current PDF magazine into a flip PDF for free online in about 90 seconds and without edits to the PDF.

So Many Great Features Included at No Cost

Here’s a rundown of what you get without spending a nickel:

• Personal branding
• Unlimited conversions
• Social media integration
• Outstanding customer service
• Support for mobile and desktop devices
• Simple embedding process anywhere online
• Automatic optimization for major search engines
• Inline embedding of multimedia and outbound links

Other free services I tried hid essential features behind add-on fees, but that isn’t the case here. I can convert an unlimited number of flip PDFs free online. Only the largest files have taken two to three minutes. The maximum file size is 600 MB per document, which is fine for me, but if I ever have a larger PDF, the system will simply break it into a multi-issue edition. I could go on and on, but instead, let me showcase three ways that this service has really made a difference for me.

Unmatched Customer

Keep in mind that I was still a non-paying customer at the time because the support I received was night and day between the support I got on the first paid site I tried. On that site, the CSR worked off a script. Here, the rep actually looked at the file I was having difficulty with and made specific recommendations.

Search Engine Optimization

This one took me by surprise. I never considered SEO and my magazines because I didn’t know how I could preserve my rights. However, when I create my flip PDFs for free online now, search engines like Google can parse them and lead searchers to them but all without giving the text away for free.

Inline Outbound Links

An important way that I keep the cover price of my magazine down is through advertising and affiliate marketing, and this site has provided me with so many additional options. I can, for instance, have a hotlink to a software package that I recommend, and when a reader clicks on it, it automatically includes my affiliate information so that I’m credited if a sale is made.

Creating a Flip PDF Free Online Is Simple and Fast

All you have to do to get started is register a free account. Then, you have access to the conversion tool right on the homepage, and you can either drag and drop or use a file manager. The process is really simple, and most of the required work is done in advance when you create your PDF.

My Final

I set out to find a way to turn PDFs into modern digital flip books in a simple and cost-effective manner, and Yumpu Publishing has exceeded my initial expectations in so many ways. I’ve since upgraded to a paid account because the service offered me real value in those paid services, such as a personalized Android and iOS app, rather than tucking essential features behind a façade that you can create a flip PDF free online. If you’re interested in converting your PDFs into polished digital experiences, give this site a try.

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