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Flip Pdf Free for Better Presentations

I think we have all seen flipbooks by now. Those are the cool online books and magazines that have pages that flip like a real page. They are usually quite splashy. The pages seem to jump right out of the page. I finally decided to climb down from the fence and start making flipbooks of my own for my business presentations. It took a bit of searching for the right kind of flipbook maker software but after some initial frustrations, I found the right flip pdf for free conversion software. Yumpu Publishing proved to be easy to use and packed with the features I need.

Why I Need a Flipbook

For many years, I have been printing out my slides before giving a presentation. If it’s an important one, then I print it out in color. Invariably people will ask for a digital copy of my presentation. I really don’t feel comfortable giving out the original PowerPoint file so I usually just export it to PDF and give the PDF copy.

I’ve tinkered with putting up a link to a PDF when giving presentations for those who have Ipads and computers. I limit it those devices because PDFs really only look good if you have adequate screen space. One of the real impetuses for going with a flipbook is that if I can convert a flip pdf for free then I could provide a much better experience. I’d probably even pay for one of the services was good enough.

I knew what I wanted in a flip pdf free converter. I  wanted it to be able to convert PDFs to flipbooks quickly and easily. I wanted it to provide an easy-to-use interface. I wanted it to produce eye-catching flipbooks. I wanted the books to be easy to share with just a link. I wanted it to work on all devices. Ideally, I’d love to be able to go into a presentation and provide a URL for people to quickly view the flipbook. I want them to be able to follow along on any device and be able to refer back to the presentation later.

Looking for a Flipbook Solution

With these ideas in mind, I started the process of finding a flip pdf free converter. I did a lot of basic research to start off with. I found out that many of the early flipbooks were 100% flash-based. These were only viewable from the desktop. With the rise of HTML5 and JavaScript, converters began to be made using web standards so that they could be viewable on every device. This kind of design is called responsive design. This meant that I needed to make sure I was using a responsive flipbook creator. This helped me cross several different sites off my list, especially the ones that charge for responsive designs.

This was just the beginning of my frustrating search. I seemed to get stymied with other issues as well. It seems that my definition of a flip pdf free converter is not the same as other people’s definition. On one side, they charge based on the number of page views. On another site. they just offer a free trial. Still, another charged for each flipbook you want to make. One online flip pdf free converter actually charges to share your flipbook on social media. It was rather frustrating trying to find a truly free option that met my needs.

Discovering the Holy Flipbook Grail

Fortunately, I finally found Yumpu Publishing. At first glance, it seemed like it would really suit my needs. It was totally free. I could convert as many flip pdfs for free as I wanted to. They could be viewed as many times as needed. It was ad-supported, but that’s ok. I could deal with ads and if I wanted to remove them then I could pay a nominal amount. All the flipbooks are hosted on-site, so I don’t have to worry about hosting them. Best of all, the flipbooks are responsive and viewable on any device. Without wasting any time, I decided to try it out and make sure it fits my needs. I was able to signup for an account with just my Twitter login. I liked this because I can easily tweet out flipbooks right after I’ve created them.

Starting the process of making a flip PDF for free was very simple. You just drag and drop the PDF file. This starts the conversion process. It took less than a minute for the conversion process to take place. I saw options for embedding it in a webpage using an Iframe when it finished. That was very cool. I was then able to view the magazine and immediately share it on Twitter. I went directly to my Nexus 6 to see how it appeared and it looked great. I loved how it flipped the pages. I had the same experience when I pulled it up on my IPad. I didn’t even notice the ads.

I was really impressed with how quick and easy the process was. I didn’t expect that a flip pdf free converter could be so easy to use. It exceeded my expectations. I’m going to be converting all of my business presentations over to flipbook magazines. I’ll export them as PDF from PowerPoint. Next, I’ll drop them into the drag and dropbox. Finally, I will share them on Twitter right before I give my presentations. This will not only help me connect with my followers but also help me get my ideas into their hands before and after the presentation.

I’m really happy that I was able to get started with flip pdf free conversions. I’d even pay for Yumpu Publishing because the service is that good and the features are awesome. I’m glad that I can improve my presentations and my interactions. I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to start turning my PDFs into flipbooks. This can take my business presentations to the next level.

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