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Flip PDF Images and Magazines as a Lead Magnet

Usually, competitors use free PDFs or a free ebook with information for their subscribers. It’s called a lead magnet. The subscribers opt-in to the email list to get the information they’re craving. It’s often indispensable tips, tricks or how tos that will better their lives or business in some way. It should be an exclusive gift that someone can’t have access to unless they subscribe, and it should be something irresistible that provides real value. Instead of a traditional PDF, I had the idea of creating a flip PDF image along with a free magazine for my subscribers. This wasn’t something that my nearest competitors were doing for their audience, which made it incredibly appealing. Unfortunately, my dream of a unique gift for my audience was almost dashed when trying to find a flip PDF image publisher. At least, it seemed that way until I found Yumpu Publishing.

My Problem with Other Flip PDF Image Publishers

Sadly, while there are many flip PDF image publishers online, they have limitations. One platform wouldn’t let me drag and drop my PDF file to be transformed into a flip PDF image. Another publisher required me to purchase a subscription without knowing whether the platform would be right for my needs. I have no problem paying for a solution, but I refuse to pay unless it’s already a proven solution. The third platform I tried before Yumpu Publishing had a limit to the number of daily open, which means that it controlled the number of people who would see my magazine. That’s not the kind of limitations I’m looking for in a platform.

The Solution to My Need for a Flip PDF Image Publisher

With Yumpu Publishing, I was able to create the perfect magazine-style lead magnet for my audience to help grow my subscribers. It was so successful that I plan on creating all my lead magnets with the software. There are plans for future magazine-style lead generators in other topics as well. The publisher was easy to use. Since I don’t have a lot of experience with creating flip books or magazines, the chosen publisher had to be simple for a layperson with no design background to accomplish. Trying out a variety of platforms meant that there had to be a free version of the software for me to try. This was available with Yumpu Publishing. There were also some known magazines, so my magazine was in good company. This was a great plus since eventually, I’d like to host a magazine on their platform.

Features of the Flip PDF Image

-Free version to try the software
-Hosted in the cloud
-Google optimized for searches
-Can be branded with company information
-Flipbook supports hyperlinks to shops, blogs, and websites
-Great support from the

How to Use the Platform for Your Magazines or Lead Magnets

You’ll have to create an account with a valid email address. You don’t have to add any payment or credit information to try out the free version of the software. Once you’ve signed in to the platform, it’s simple to drag yourPDF directly to the place designated for that purpose. It’s available on the dashboard. It only takes moments for the software to convert your PDF into a flip PDF image that you can configure. From the section marked My Magazines, you can click to edit your magazine. This is the same area that you can view your magazines as well as share them with your social media accounts. If you want to embed the magazine into your own website, you can use the code generator.

For my magazine, I embedded it on a secret page on my website. Once someone had opted-in to my email list, a link was sent directly to their email, so they could view the magazine in their browser.

I would recommend Yumpu Publishing to anyone who is looking for a unique way to generate a lead magnet for their subscriber list. It will stand out more than a traditional PDF or ebook. You can create glossy pages with your own branding.

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