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Flip PDF Maker to Create Interactive Magazines

A flip book is an option for online reading that lets readers thumb through pages as they would with a physical copy of a magazine. Flip books aren’t limited to magazines and can be used for novels, manuals, brochures, and even catalogues, which is what I use them for and why I love Yumpu Publishing. I run a local and online business that creates branded merchandise for companies. I specialize in small businesses that generally buy in small quantities per order. In order to maximize sales, I put together targeted catalogues with a lot of different information and like to present the products in as many variations as possible. That makes for large sections that can be a bit slow to click through, and usability is much higher when readers have a convenient and intuitive means of navigating through them quickly.

After a Bit of Research, I Found the Perfect Solution

I create my catalogues in PDF because that’s a format that’s well-suited to conversion to a wide range of other formats, so I knew that some type of flip PDF maker was what I needed. I tested both full-service and do-it-yourself options. The full-service solutions were fine, but they increased my costs by a significant amount. The DIY flip PDF makers were less expensive but generally required a lot of effort and time and often resulted in a finished product that simply wasn’t polished enough.

About three months into this journey I came across Yumpu Publishing. My early expectations weren’t bullish because the service was free to use and even most paid services weren’t meeting my needs. To test the service, I took one of my larger PDF catalogues and converted it using the drag-and-drop option. The conversion was completed within two minutes, which was very fast based on my previous experiences. I was, even more, please when I opened the converted catalogue because the finished product was polished, the flip mechanism was intuitive and fast and the flip PDF maker had preserved all of the aesthetic elements and convenience features that I’d work so hard on for the original document.

The Simplest and Richest Flip PDF Maker Interface I’ve Found

I think you’ll be really happy with how easy the interface is to use. I know I am. Once you’ve registered for a free account, simply navigate to the homepage where you’ll find an upload box. You can drag and drop a PDF file from your computer, or you can choose to select a file, which lets you access your local file explorer or even a PDF hosted somewhere else on the Internet. Click Start when you’re ready. This flip PDF maker converts most files in just seconds and even my largest catalogue took no more than three minutes. When the process is done, your new flip book is automatically in the cloud, and you can access it, embed it elsewhere online, or distribute it directly to your customers.

This entire experience is much different than my many other experiences. Pre-conversion settings are an option but generally not required. Drag-and-drop is great for batch conversions. The process is fast, and widespread availability of the flip book within seconds is not the norm. Better yet, it’s all free. There is a paid option, and at first, I figured this is where they’d get me, but almost every feature is included. What you can pay for is advanced options, such as app integration.

So Many Advanced Features at No Cost at All

• Free version has all you need for professional flip books
• Supports your branding
• Support for all devices, including smartphones and tablets
• Optimized for all major search engines
• Many different options for embedding across the Web
• Social media integration
• Support for embedded audio, video, external links, and more
• Superb customer support even for free users

As I mentioned earlier, any flip book you create with the flip PDF maker is automatically stored in the Yumpu Publishing cloud. I don’t normally host my catalogues online, but people were finding them through Google and simply by browsing the catalogue “racks” available on the site. That had an unexpected effect. I’m generating new leads from this source and actually converting some of those into new business. It’s certainly been enough that the paid version would pay for itself if I ever chose to upgrade.

Try It Today. I’m So Glad I Did.

Yumpu Publishing has exceeded all of the expectations I had when I set out to find a flip PDF maker. It has added no effort, time, or cost to the resources I already put toward creating my catalogues, and that makes all the difference. I may even upgrade to the payment option at some point because I’m in the early stages of creating my own app for Android and Apple. If you have publishing needs similar to mine, I’m sure you’ll love this service, so go ahead and give it a chance. You really have nothing to lose.

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