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flip pdf professional

If you’ve struggled to convert your PDF documents into another format, then you probably understand how frustrated I was at one point. Using PDF as my base was my only option because it was the common ground shared by the content creation tools and other sources I used. But PDF wasn’t the right format for my customers who range from 13 to 28. I sell licensed merchandise for whatever video games and movies are currently hot with young people. This is a tech-savvy crowd. If I’m going to grab attentions and convert sales, I require a highly polished digital catalogue that works on phones and tablets. Converting to flip PDFs with professional appeal seemed like a lost cause until I found Yumpu.com.

How a Free Service Ended My Frustration

My new catalogues are to be available on the first of each month. The content I create is usually completed by the last Sunday that gives me at least a seven-day cushion. I also rely on marketing departments and other sources to send me assets, such as product images. On a good month, those assets will arrive by the 26th, but many times, I’m given just 24 to 48 hours. Some of the services I tried before this one would batch my conversion, which meant that my catalogue could go out late and my competitors would beat me to the punch. With this service, I get priority. My largest PDFs, which exceed 400 mb, still convert in under three minutes, and when I convert a flip PDF into a professional format, I have immediate access to that new document. While it’s never quite this close, that means that I can finish my PDF with 10 minutes to spare and still get the flipbook catalogue out on time.

All of the Features You Need at Absolutely No Cost

I tried other free services that let me create a flip PDF professional, but either the end result was not so professional or key features I needed were locked behind a paywall. Not only does Yumpu.com give you all essential and even many advanced features at no charge, its free feature set is more robust than the service I tried that required a subscription fee.

This service:

• Helps you integrate your own brand
• Supports desktop and mobile devices
• Is optimized for search engines like Google
• Makes embedding on websites and blogs easy
• Has social media integration
• Supports inline embedding of multimedia and hotlinks
• Provides amazing live support even to free users

The support was something I didn’t expect at all. I didn’t really need it for the first several months that I was creating these flip PDFs with professional polish. Later, as I began to appreciate some of the advanced options I could add to my catalogues, I had some questions. I fired up live support and fully expected a scripted conversation, but what I got was a representative who clearly knew what she was talking about and was willing to take the time to look at my latest catalogue, make recommendations and walk me through the steps I needed to understand in order to embed outbound links.

Use Yumpu.com Like a Pro to Create Flip Pdf Professional

One of my earliest concerns was that the conversion process would take a long time or that I’d have to make a significant investment in learning a new system, but this hasn’t been the case at all. In fact, you can have your first flip PDF with professional flair in just a couple of minutes. Here’s how:

1. Navigate to the website.
2. Register a free account.
3. Use the homepage drop box to upload your PDF.
4. Conversions take about one to two minutes.
5. Ta-da! You’re done.

Now you have immediate access to your flip PDF in a professional format. Distributing the catalogue to your readership is now as easy as:

• Emailing it direct to subscribers
• Embedding it on a website or blog
• Sharing it via a social media platform
• Announcing its availability on the virtual magazine rack

This Service Has Enhanced How I Entice My Readers

Setting out, I just wanted to create a flip PDF that had professional features like authentic page turning animations and sound, but Yumpu.com has really opened my eyes to the possibilities. The monthly catalogues I create aren’t just converted PDFs but true digital flip books that have all of the interactive features that shoppers in the Internet age have come to expect.

I even upgraded to a paid account so that I could take advantage of some of the advanced features the service offers, such as secured links for sharing, Google analytics and the ability to set cancellation dates so I’m assured that customers are always reading the current edition. Whether you sell products or create content, this service can have a dramatic effect on how you do that, and don’t you owe it to yourself to see if this is the better way?

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